Welcome to the Pandas group!

Please see our rhyme book for Pandas

A very warm welcome to Pandas! Our group is for 2-3-year olds. Our team creates stimulating indoor and outdoor environments with countless opportunities for all children to learn and develop. We balance opportunities through free flow, child interests and focused practitioner led activities. Our planned curriculum covers half termly topics including story and rhyme focus, seasonal change, (especially in Forest Garden!), and celebrations. Most of all we make friends and have fun!

Our day starts with self-registration: finding our photos and hanging them on the tree. Then, we explore the learning environment, challenging ourselves before exercise time and using signing for our group expectations. Group time will have a different focus every day:

· Monday, Talking Ted helps us to speak. Talking Ted activities are linked with good listening, understanding and speaking.

· Tuesday, we play games with our Little Panda puppet. Little Panda wants us to share, take turns, be confident and make choices independently.

· Wednesday, our forest friend Grey Squirrel takes us to Forest School. In Forest School we learn to use tools, build dens/shelters, roll down hills, balance on wooden and rope bridges, light an open fire and cook on it!

· Thursday, we go to the hall, focusing on physical development, ring games, music and dancing.

· Friday, Counting Cat helps us to learn about shapes, space, capacity, and numbers.

Everyday we look forward to seeing Story Dog. Story Dog helps us to sit and listen, bringing new stories, story props books, puppets and rhymes.

Our sessions finish by singing our good-bye song, leaving nursery happy and tired.

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