Welcome to the Pandas group!

A very warm welcome to Pandas! The Panda group is for children that are aged 2-3 years old. It is our intention that children experience learning through a balance of group teaching and play based learning. We do this by having a fascinating indoor learning and outdoor environments which enables countless opportunities for curiosity play based learning which is then supported by group-based learning activities such as story time, number, shape, and pattern games, singing time and topic themed days. Learning outdoors and connecting with nature is key to our provision and we have fantastic outdoor spaces including an area of natural woodland which all the children have access to as part of forest Schools.

A day in the life as a panda!

Our day begins with a warm welcome at the door, finding our peg to hang our coat and bag onto and then onto the carpet area where we enjoy some wonderful book talk before registration.

After registration, group singing and exercise time we explore our learning space. We think carefully about where we want to play and enjoy sharing the activities with our friends.

Following a fantastic time playing with friends, it’s now time for snack. Snack time is a great way to try a range of foods, become more independent and share likes and dislikes.

Once we have finished our snack and freshened up, it’s time to get our coats and get ready to head outside for our next learning adventure.

Finally, we return to the carpet for group time where we listen to stories, sing songs, play listening and attention games, and develop our mathematical skills. It’s now time to sing the goodbye song and go home so we can share all the fun things that happened at Nursery School!


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