Penguins & Elephants

Welcome to Penguins and Elephants!

There are two groups for our 3-4 year olds. The penguin group is for children only doing an am or pm session. Elephant group is for children who attend nursery for more sessions. We make sure there are different activities, challenges or provocations for the Elephant group in the afternoon.

When children come in, they can select from our themed provision shelves or take part in activities in the studio / creative area. They find their name and self-register by hanging it on our tree.

We say hello though singing, BSL signs and counting then go into our first group which is either maths or we learn in the Forest Garden.

Quiz the owl helps us to learn about numbers 1 – 5, shape, prepositions, measurements and all kinds of problems before we go outside to explore. We can have snacks and drinks, create potions or build with blocks outside, the choices are endless! There are different adult lead sessions for woodwork, cookery and art.

Later for another group time, we come inside and learn phonics. A whole host of characters help us: Lilly helps us to listen, Izzy Wizzy teaches us about rhyme and Super Suky supports alliteration. Sometimes we go to the hall for games, learn about our feelings or doing things for ourselves.

Our final group time is story and rhyme. We retell and sequence stories often dressing up or using toys to role play. We carry on singing as we wait to go home, what a busy time!

Finding shapes
Everyone Read in Class
Going under it!
Happy Birthday
Little Red Riding Hood
Time to create!
Trying hard to use scissors
Parachute games
Chinese New Year

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