Nursery School


Nottingham Nursery School and Training Centre is a unique and special place, the only maintained nursery school in Nottinghamshire.  We have a strong, passionate staff team who are committed to our innovative approach to learning, which is underpinned by rigorous attention to Early Years research and theory. We work closely with families to nurture the children who come here and strive to foster independence, resilience, creativity and curiosity.

Although we are in the heart of the inner city, learning outdoors, connecting with nature is key to our provision, offering an alternative to the urban environment. This develops the child’s sense of self, increasing confidence as they try new things and take risks. We extend this offer to include parents, working alongside them to demonstrate the opportunities learning outdoors can bring. Babies born during the pandemic have missed exploring their environment and meeting new friends. Our use of play outdoors creates opportunities to meet this need. We have fantastic outdoor spaces including an area of developing natural woodland, which all the children access. We use this to drive our ambitious and carefully crafted curriculum which has children at the heart and parents as partners in their children’s learning.

We offer a combination of private day-care and government funded provision for two to four year olds.  This includes the offer of before and after school provision. Where families are eligible, children access maintained government-funded places (either 15 or 30 hours per week, term-time only).  Others are funded privately and can attend for up to 50 hours per week, over 50 weeks of the year.  Our capacity flexes in response to demand for places whilst considering ratio/floor-space requirements. Last academic year between 87 and 110 children were on roll.

We have recently federated with Mellers Primary School and are a proud member of the Nottingham Schools Trust. This is an exciting time for our future development. We very much hope you will choose to work with us and look forward to meeting you.

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