Nottingham Nursery and Mellers Primary Federation is a unique fusion which will create exceptional provision for the community of Radford. The Federated Governing Body has a vision in which it will break glass ceilings and will be an advocate for all in its care. It will create the very best opportunities for its children , supporting them to achieve their full potential, through the promotion of equality for all, in an atmosphere of trust, honesty and compassion.

Mellers Primary and Nottingham Nursery federated in February 2022 and the Federated Governing Body was established at the same time. Here is the link to the school website, to find out more in about Mellers!

Mellers Primary School

The governing body consists of the following:

  • Parent governors
  • Staff governors (including the Executive Headteacher)
  • Local Authority appointed governors
  • Community governors

In addition, the governing body must elect a chair and vice chair. You can contact the Chair of Governors by email at or through either Nursery or Mellers school office.

To find out more about individual governors and their duties, please use the link below. You will also be able to find minutes of meetings, impact statements and monitoring plans.

Federated Governing Body information

Governor Blog

Martin Smith February 2023

Celia Morris

As a governor for the Federated Nottingham Nursery and Mellers Primary School I have visited the nursery on several occasions meeting with staff and also undertaking informative monitoring visits of the nursery classrooms and outside areas to see and review changes that have been made to support the learning and development of the children.  I was very impressed with the classrooms and the improvements that have been done in the outside play areas and the further improvements that are planned.

I also worked with Mrs Patel and staff at the nursery to review the Child Care contract between the nursery and parents.  This resulted in amendments to the contract to ensure that the fees were fairly structured and would help ensure the financial viability of the nursery and that arrangements to change care arrangements were clearly communicated to parents.

Chair of Governors, Lesley Lyon

It was a great pleasure to make my first formal visit to the nursery as Chair of Governors on 6th July. I met with Mrs Patel and she explained to me how the nursery works on a day to day basis. We began by discussing how the nursery ensures that the children are kept safe and happy – this is a major part of the work of governors at both settings and always takes priority.We then walked round the nursery visiting all classrooms. We paid particular attention to the displays and areas of interest in the classrooms and how they support the learning and development of the children. It was a warm day and the children were mostly outside exploring the areas of interest in the different sections of the playground. We also discussed Mrs Patel’s plans for tidying up the less used areas.We finished in the baby room where it was a delight to watch the children interacting with each other and the staff.At the end of the visit the full governing body held its last meeting of the academic year in the training centre.

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