Private Day Care

Privately funded sessions – all year round (50 weeks)

We are pleased to be able to offer all year round full or part-time childcare for children from the age of  2 to 4 years.

Open from 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday (except for 2 weeks at Christmas, Bank Holidays and 5 INSET days (to be confirmed on admission). An early start from 07:45 is available on request.

Our child care rates are calculated at a competitive £6.20 per hour, £2.10 lunch, £1.20 breakfast, £1.20 tea. Snacks are provided by the nursery with no additional charge. The hourly rate locally is between £7.10 – £9.00 per hour.

Did you know?

You could be eligible to save 20% on your childcare bill?

Go to the government’s tax free childcare website and find out if you are eligible.

You can usually claim if you are a UK tax payer, please follow the link for more information.

*You cannot get Tax-Free Childcare at the same time as claiming Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit, childcare grant/bursary or childcare vouchers.

Which scheme you’re better off with depends on your situation.

Use the childcare calculator and work out which type of support is best for you.

To put your child on our waiting list, please complete the Nottingham Nursery School Enquiry Form

Click here to see our childcare contract

Click here to see our home school agreement

Other Admission forms (you will be asked to complete prior to admission)

Admissions Form

NCC Parental Agreement (for all government funding)

30 Hour Declaration (for those eligible for 30 hours funding)

Sessions and Prices


08:00 – 18:00

10 hours child care, including breakfast, lunch and tea. *

£66.50 per day, £332. 50 per week


08:45 – 14:45

6 hours childcare, including lunch

£39.30 per day, £196.50 per week


Half day morning session with wrap around

08:00 – 12:30

4 ½  hours childcare, including breakfast and lunch.*

£31.20 per day, £156 per week

Half day session with lunch (morning or afternoon)

08:45 – 12:30 for mornings or 11:45 – 15:30 for afternoons

3 ¾ hours childcare, including lunch.

£ 25.35 per day, £126.75 per week

Half day afternoon session with wrap around

12:30 – 18:00

5 ½ hours childcare, lunch and tea.

£37.40 per day, £187 per week

Half day session (morning or afternoon)

08:45 – 11:45 for mornings or 12:30 – 15:30 for afternoons

3 hours child care.

£18.60 per day, £93.00 per week

*07:45 start is available on request, additional daily charge £1.55

  • All fees must be paid in advance, one month in advance on entry.
  • Any Government funding* will be subtracted from fees and invoices will be calculated over the year to give a regular monthly  payment.

Government funded sessions – term time only

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