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Mellers Primary School

On Tuesday 1st February 2022, Nottingham Nursery officially federated with Mellers Primary School, which is a hugely exciting development.  We had been working closely together for a few years prior to the federation, so it made sense for us to formalise our collaboration.  The federated governing body was established on 1st February 2022, with representatives from both schools.

Click here to read the consultation report. 

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Nottingham Schools Trust

In 2017 a group of Nottingham schools joined forces to establish the Nottingham Schools Trust – a collaborative partnership focusing on improving education for the children of Nottingham. The trust offers a unique opportunity to bring together all types of schools with the priority of providing sustainable school to school support and take full advantage of the breadth and expertise that exists in the member schools. The Nottingham Schools Trust is based at Nottingham Nursery, using the upper floor training centre.

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Schools of Tomorrow Project

We have been working with the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery, with Sian Watson our link artist. The goal of the Schools of Tomorrow project is to find out how artists and teachers can work together to add positively to existing teaching and learning practices. We think of this new teaching and learning as happening in a third space. We reflect on what is being developed in the third space as it happens and explore how these new practices can be developed and embedded more widely, including beyond the life of the project.

We are now in the second year of this three year project and our work features heavily in the current exhibition “The Places We Imagine”.

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“A surreal delight… merry mayhem… bouncing between the play structures in euphoric disbelief that an art gallery could ever be so much fun”– Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian

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