Funded places 2, 3 and 4 year olds

Families have the option to use a mix of paid and funded hours, so please talk to us about your requirements.

To put your child on our waiting list, please complete the Nottingham Nursery School Enquiry Form

Click here to see our childcare contract

Other Admission forms (you will be asked to complete prior to admission)

Admissions Form

NCC Parents Agreement ( for all government funding)

Working Parents Declaration (for those eligible for 15/30 hours funding)

2 Year Olds

Part Time places (15 hours)

We have up to 20 places for 2 year olds in each session (08.45 – 11.45 or 12.30 – 15.30) and currently take children eligible for free 2 year old Early Learning Funded places. Application are open for eligible working parents from April 2024. You will need to apply for funding before you put your child on our waiting list and provide a copy of your entitlement letter to confirm eligibility. Working parents please use a form provided at the bottom of this page.

Click here to visit the Nottingham City Council funding application page

3 and 4 Year Olds

Part Time places (15 hours). Children can attend nursery during term time for 3 hours a day Monday to Friday (15 hours per week).  This is offered as morning sessions  (08:45 – 11:45) OR afternoon sessions (12:30 – 15:30).  There will be no charge as long as your child is eligible for government funding.

Full Time places (30 hours)

Some families are eligible for 30 hours of childcare per week during term time.  This is offered as full day sessions, Monday to Friday 8:45 – 14:45.  You will need to confirm your eligibility before requesting a full time place at Nursery. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure they have applied for a 30 hour code and to reapply every 3 months.

Click here for the Government website to check your eligibility and apply

Once you have a valid code, please complete this form and return it to Nursery

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